Read Part 2: “Hosting a Retreat: Potential Obstacles to Success”

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If you currently offer wellness services, retreats are an excellent way to expand your business and create a new revenue stream.

Below is a list of reasons to host retreats and what makes for a successful retreat host.

Reasons to Host a Retreat and What Makes For a Successful Host

    1. You have something to teach.
    2. What you offer can be provided over the course of a few days. Your agenda and activities fill up 3-6 full days, and can also be completed within that time.
      (I.e., yoga teacher training, meditation training, massage therapist training, esthetician training, entrepreneur mindset training, business coaching, intuition-building, etc.).
    3. Your service or offering is complemented by a retreat setting.
      (I.e., Quiet grounds, nature, hiking trails, hot springs, yoga studio, meditation room, or perhaps a meeting room with tables and presentation technology, etc.).
    4. Your service or topic can help people relax, grow, get healthy, feel inspired, deepen, let go, learn, or awaken.
    5. You enjoy and are comfortable teaching, especially to groups.
    6. You enjoy hosting or planning events, or you at least enjoy teaching once you’re there.
    7. You’re enthusiastic about your offering and enjoy sharing it with others.
    8. You’re patient, have good communication skills, and are comfortable speaking to groups. (These skills can be improved over time, so if you’re not 100% there yet, keep working on it 🙂 )
    9. Retreats fit well with your clientele.
      (They would enjoy it and can afford it.)
    10. You’ve built or can build a community around your brand, so participants look forward to joining with each other.
      (For example, they know each other by name or they might carpool, etc. Or you can start to foster these relationships so that, with your help, potential participants can build community with one another.)
    11. Clients have grown to expect retreats in your industry, or would gladly welcome them.
      (I.e., yoga, meditation, business coaching, relationship coaching, etc.)

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This is Part 1 of the series “Hosting a Retreat”. Read Part 2: “Hosting a Retreat: Potential Obstacles to Success”.