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What If…

You Knew How to Host Successful, Profitable RETREATS
That Could Help Grow Your Business and Client Base?

What If You Had a FORMULA – a Step-By-Step Retreat Guide
That Was Easy-to-Follow, Well-Designed and Affordable?

Girl Excited About Retreat Guide

If You’re a Coach, Yoga Teacher, or Wellness Entrepreneur Who Is:

  • Considering hosting retreats, but not sure where to begin…
  • Currently hosting retreats but not getting the registrations you want…
  • Overwhelmed by organizing group events and don’t know what to prioritize…
  • In serious need of marketing strategies to fill your retreats…
  • Determined to share your gifts while making a nice profit…
  • Dying to throw off the chains of 9-to-5-dom and being tied to one location…
  • Hungry to travel, work with amazing people, and run a thriving business…


The Wellness Entrepreneur’s Guide
to Successful Retreats

A 12-module Online Course and Business Model
for Those Serious About Hosting Successful Retreats!

The Wellness Entrepreneur's Successful Retreat Guide Cover Image

The Wellness Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Retreats will show you where to begin, what matters most, and the necessary steps for hosting great retreats that earn a profit.

This program is a proven business model for yoga teachers, meditation instructors, coaches, and wellness entrepreneurs looking to integrate retreats into a client-based business and create a new income stream.

The Retreat Guide walks you through:

  • How retreats have potent potential to expand your client-base
  • How integrating retreats into your current business model can increase your bottom line
  • How to frame your retreat’s Unique Selling Proposition, or “ice cream flavor” so you target the right people
  • How to define your Target Retreat Participant and where to find him or her
  • How to know what to charge for your retreat so you take home a nice profit every time.
  • Guidelines on structure and strategy for your retreat business
  • Recommendations on tools and resources to help you “automate the admin”
  • Tutorials – Exercises – Templates – and more!

The Wellness Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Retreats

is like an Online MBA for your Retreat Business!

Leave Your Comfort Zone Sign, Follow the Retreat Guide

Who doesn’t love a good retreat?

Retreats renew, refresh, motivate, inspire, and teach.

Retreats are also big business.

The 2008 Yoga Journal “Yoga in America Market Study” showed that yoga practitioners spend $630 million per year on yoga-based retreats and vacations. And the retreat market has only expanded.

Retreats are a growing industry, and as a host, you get lots of perks.

  • It’s a flexible, exciting business model.
  • You can work with amazing people.
  • You get to share your gifts and help others.
  • And you get all this while visiting stunning locations!

If you have something to teach or a service to provide… 

If you can do it in a group setting… 

If you can offer it over several days or in a series…

…Then you’re already on your way to operating successful retreats.

But a lot goes in to retreat planning… if you want to be successful.

That’s why knowing the solutions to the 10 Biggest Mistakes made by newbie retreat hosts and the absolute Must-Dos for success before you venture into hosting your own retreats can save you tons of money, headaches, and hassles, and make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable when you’re just starting out.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the course…



Lesson 1 – Why Build a Retreat Business?

  • Why you should definitely host retreats if you have a client-based wellness or coaching business
  • What makes for a successful HOST
  • Why retreats can be an awesome business model
  • Potential obstacles to success and how to adjust

Lesson 2 – Retreat Planning Guidelines and Considerations

  • What makes for a successful retreat experience
  • Solutions to the 10 mistakes made by newbie retreat hosts
  • Absolute Must-Dos for retreat success
  • Determine the best THEME for your retreat
  • Download the Retreat Planning Timeline (a HUGE VALUE!)

Lesson 3 – Retreat Financials

  • Consider the various retreat expenses you’ll incur (Hint: some are totally hidden, so you’ll want to know what to look for.)
  • What amount to charge for your retreat so you earn your target profit – there’s a formula!
  • Download the EXPANDED version of the Retreat Financials template. (This template is a fine-tuned financial spreadsheet – one of the valuable outcomes of organizing successful retreats for over 6 years – THIS ALONE WILL SAVE YOU MAJOR HEADACHES!)

Lesson 4 – Venues, Contracts, Meal-Planning, and Insurance

  • How to research venues and what questions to ask to determine the best venue fit for your theme and clientele
  • How to work with the venue staff to meet your needs and requests
  • Kitchen-staff and caterer considerations
  • What to do about liability coverage and other types of insurance

Lesson 5 – Retreat Registration

  • Good timeframes for opening and closing retreat registration
  • Learn about my favorite software for retreat registration
  • What information to collect on your registration form and a sample temple
  • How to organize registration data so it facilitates the rest of your planning

Lesson 6 – Assistants, Volunteers, Co-Hosts, and You

  • How to find the best retreat assistants
  • How to organize assistants and volunteers
  • How to set up assistants for success so they serve you and your goals best
  • Ways to create incentives to attract volunteers

Lesson 7 – Curriculum and Agenda

  • The ingredients of a successful Retreat Agenda
  • Curriculum considerations for your particular location or venue
  • Download the sample Retreat Agenda

Lesson 8 – Retreat Materials

  • Whether or not to provide a Participant Packet and what to include in one
  • Unique considerations to support your retreat theme
  • Download the sample Retreat Supplies List (#TIME-SAVER!)

Lesson 9 – Participant Communications

  • Helpful tips for participant communications and managing expectations
  • How to keep the buzz and enthusiasm going leading up to the retreat
  • The right way and time to communicate important retreat details to registered participants
  • How to help participants feel heard and understood during the retreat

Lesson 10 – Retreat Marketing

  • How to market your retreat to attract your ideal participants
  • Where to focus your efforts to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck
  • A long list of creative marketing ideas
  • How to use affiliates to expand your marketing reach
  • How to get your clients to market for you
  • Tips on retreat marketing landing page builder and templates

Lesson 11 – Retreat Planning Timeline and Checklist

  • How to put your Retreat Planning Timeline to effective use, over and over for every retreat. (Download your template inside!)

Lesson 12 – Helpful Retreat Tools and Resources

Top recommendations on software, tools, and services to simplify your retreat planning and automate your administrative processes

About Your Instructor

About Retreat Guide Instructor

Hi! I’m Amy Turner.

A retreat business strategist helping coaches, yoga teachers, and wellness entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

One of the best ways to grow your wellness business is to


I’ll help you do that and more.

Amy Turner is a small business systems strategist for coaches and wellness entrepreneurs. She is the creator of The Wellness Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Retreats, a proven business model for those who want to expand their client services (and bottom line) by offering retreats. Through her products and programs, Amy helps coaches, holistic practitioners, and wellness entrepreneurs establish effective business systems by maximizing the power of online resources.

You can’t go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!

Successful Retreat Guide Guarantee Seal

I’m absolutely sure that my Retreat Guide will help you host successful retreats, that I’m offering an unconditional, NO-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason the Retreat Guide does not satisfy you in any way, simply send me an email within 30 days from your purchase and I’ll refund you right away! Give it a try…

You have nothing to lose!

“Frequently Asked Questions”

How is the Retreat Guide delivered?

The Retreat Guide is an online course accessed through your Retreat Me account dashboard, where the course is arranged in 12 lessons. Many lessons have exercises and templates. There is space to write and save your answers online.

Can I access all the lessons immediately or are they delivered on a schedule?

The minute you sign up, you can access your full course through your account dashboard. Complete the course at a pace that’s right for you.

Can I access the material on any browser and on my phone?

Absolutely! As long as the browser is up to date, you should have no problem.

Do I get lifetime access to the Retreat Guide?


Do you offer support?

Support is available by email if you have a question about your course. While support does not include one-on-one coaching for your retreat or business, we will answer questions specific to the course material and aim to provide a response within 2 business days.