Amy Turner - Retreat MeHi!  I’m Amy.

I help yoga and meditation teachers, wellness entrepreneurs, and coaches create, plan, and profit from retreats.

If you’re one of the above, you help people focus on what’s important, create balance, and encourage them to put that first in their lives. What you’re doing is more and more necessary. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Did you know, one of the best ways to serve your clients, get more of them, and increase your bottom line is to create successful retreats and programs?

Retreats are big business. The 2008 Yoga Journal “Yoga in America Market Study” showed that yoga practitioners spend $630 million per year on yoga-based retreats and vacations. And that was 2008! Since then, the retreat market has only expanded.

Retreats are a growing industry, and retreat hosts get a lot of perks. Just a few fun benefits:

  • It’s a flexible, fun business model.
  • You get to share your gifts and help others.
  • You often get to work with amazing, conscious people.
  • And you can visit stunning locations all over the world!

But what if you have little or no experience hosting retreats?

What if you’ve lost money on a retreat or you didn’t earn what you thought you would?

How long will it take to learn the biggest mistakes and top ten must-dos of retreat planning?

What about retreat marketing, building a website, selling tickets, processing payments, and staying on task with planning so details don’t fall through the cracks?

What about insurance and other liability concerns?

Are you getting overwhelmed yet?

Don’t give up!

If you throw in the towel now, you might be giving up on a dream that is about to turn into reality…and revenue.

You might be leaving a lot of money on the table by not giving retreats a closer look.

What If You Had a Shortcut?

If you offer wellness or coaching services, then you may be a perfect candidate for creating, planning, and profiting from retreats and programs.

But – to create success quickly, you’ll want skip the years of trial and error and jump right to what works.

What if you had a business model for retreat success?



The world needs more wellness and well-designed retreats.

More people should have the opportunity to receive the services and gifts of outstanding wellness entrepreneurs and coaches like you.

I’m passionate about helping you succeed at offering retreats. Check out my Successful Retreats Cheat Sheet and Signature Course – two value-packed guides designed to help wellness entrepreneurs and retreat hosts get faster results:

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