improve your retreat webpage

Below is a checklist of 7 days of tasks you can do for the next week to improve your retreat webpage and optimize it for conversions, i.e. retreat registrations.

  1. Day 1: Eliminate distractions, anything on your page that isn’t related to your retreat or to registering for it should be removed (including navigation menus, the footer, and other links, etc.).
  2. Day 2: Make your retreat description and its benefits more compelling. Clearly list all the benefits (rather than the features) that your ideal participant will walk away with. Will those benefits have a lasting effect? Can the participant bring that into their daily life?

    For the description of your retreat, consider a “THEME”, or what I like to call your Ice Cream Flavor (and the toppings are little fun extras that make your retreat unique and memorable). What is your retreat’s unique selling proposition, that only your retreat offers? Why would your ideal participant choose your retreat over all their other options? Does your retreat “help open creative blocks and provide strategies for achieving the state of flow?”

  3. Day 3: Use beautiful images. According to the printing services company, Xerox, people are 80% more likely to read material that has colorful imagery. Which retreat would you be more interested in? One that has an all text promotional page, or one with gorgeous, high-quality, high-resolution images that show the scenery and activities of the retreat and convey how participants will feel if they drop everything and just get there already!
  4. Day 4: If your retreat is not yet open for registration, collect first name and email. In exchange for an email, provide immediate value or a quick win in the same category as your retreat. Think checklists – like this one – a worksheet or exerise, or even a quick video tutorial or mini-class. For example, if you’re a yoga teacher, you could do a 5 min video with three yoga poses, tips for alignment, and a fun 3 song playlist – boom! This will help you build a list of hot leads you can market to when you do open registration!
  5. Day 5: Provide a quick promo video that features you, explains your brand, what your retreat offers, and how you intend to help. A video can help potential registrants quickly understand your offer without having to read the text. A video activates more senses and stimulates emotions, and that can help increase your conversions.The video can be 30-60 seconds (no more than 3-5 mins) and shot on your smart phone. You could use iMovie or a similar program to add a couple of photos of the destination, venue, and planned retreat activities. In iMovie, add movement on images and music, too. It can be quick and dirty and still highly effective.
  6. Day 6: Include testimonials. Get as many testimonials as you can from people you’ve helped doing what you’ll be doing on retreat. It’s better if these come from previous retreat participants, but even if they’re from friends, testimonials go a long way toward providing social proof and increasing buyer confidence.
  7. Day 7: Make sure your landing page (or entire website) is optimized for mobile devices. You can test this by visiting a page on your smart phone or desktop, drag the right edge of your browser window slowly to the left (making the viewing window narrower like a mobile device). As you drag narrower and narrower, if your page still looks good, then great! You can check this one off the list. If not, you may consider switching website themes to one that’s mobile-friendly (or “responsive”).

BONUS! Want a PDF of the above checklist that you can check off?