I’m a Google Girl.

I use Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google everything.

Google products work seamlessly together and also integrate well with other online tools and extensions.

I’ve come to rely heavily on my Google Suite and I highly recommend using Google Docs for your small business.

Why?  Because of these 10 reasons:

1. Cloud Based / Real Time Updates:

 Google Docs is like a cloud-based Microsoft Office.

Documents get saved automatically every few seconds.

There’s just one version of your file, not 5.

Yes you can still revert to previous versions and see edit tracking.

These benefits alone save lots of headaches and minutes, and we all know minutes adds up to years.


2. Google Docs for Your Small Business is Easy to Use:  

Google Docs is part of Google Drive, which is a cloud-based file storage system that comes with your Google account.

It can be compared to “Windows Explorer” on PC or “Finder” on Mac.

google drive image

When you create a Google Doc, the file is automatically stored in Google Drive.

You can also:

  • Keep all your business documents organized in one place.
  • Add your docs to multiple folders.
  • Upload and store other non-Google files.
  • Transfer ownership of Google Doc files, and more.

3. Syncing Capabilities:  

Google Drive can be downloaded on your desktop so offline and online files match. Syncing occurs immediately or on a schedule. This helps you stay organized by keeping all your docs current and so you have only one version of each file.

Google Drive also has mobile apps for Android and iPhone, which works well for viewing data and info, and well-enough if you must edit on the go.

4. Helpful Integrations:  

Google Docs can be integrated with other online services, like Formstack, Podio, Evernote, and others.

Formstack is an awesome online form-building application that can be used for things like surveys and data collection, event registration, program enrollment, and more.

formstack preview image

Data that gets collected in a Formstack form can be sent to and stored in a Google Sheet, making data much easier to organize, format, and analyze. What a great reason to use Google Docs for your small business!

Podio is online task and project management software. Podio has in-depth customization ability. You can create your own applications tailored for your business and any notes or spreadsheets that you want to create in Google Docs and/or store in Google Drive, Podio will connect the application or record within it to the Google Doc you choose. Good stuff.

Evernote you probably know about already. Evernote is a user-friendly way to capture sorts of notes, digital scraps, idea teasers, images, URLS, and more for your small business.

evernote preview image

You can even dictate to Evernote to capture your ideas while driving or on the elliptical. Say you create an Note on the go to capture a URL and an image for a blog post idea, and now you want to sync it to a Google Sheet you created with helpful metrics and data on SEO keyword research. Boom–the Evernote and Google Sheet are linked, no prob!

Google Doc integrations with other services around the web are plentiful. They come in handy for small business needs, so it’s something to keep in mind when considering the best options for your systems and processes.

5. Document Sharing Without Attachments:  

Google Docs can be shared in real time so your team members can view updates immediately, WITHOUT attachments or downloads. No attachments or downloads?! ‘Nough said.

6. Co-Edit and Review Docs in Real Time:  

This is super helpful for virtual team meetings!

Before a virtual meeting, I’ll email my team members the link to a Google Doc. During the virtual meeting, we can then easily review data together! Since the user names of those who have the doc open show in the upper right corner of the screen, we know we’re all looking at the same doc!

You can also see where a user’s cursor is within the doc. For instance, if I click on cell “F2” in a Google Sheet, my team members in other locations can now see a colored border pop up around that cell. Hover over that cell and the other user’s name shows.

google docs for your small business

This is helpful when your meeting is informal. It lets you quickly follow along when someone is commenting on a piece of data.

If you’re doing more of a presentation, you might consider a screen-share using Google Hangouts. 😀

If you’re not already, I highly recommend using Google Docs for your small business! I have been for 10+ years and it just works!

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