Below are retreat planning mistakes you should avoid if you want to host successful retreats!

  1. Not having a financial plan or using a financial worksheet
  2. Not following a detailed retreat planning timeline
  3. Not hiring assistants or using incentives to recruit volunteers
  4. Not having an automated system for registration
  5. Failing to implement an effective marketing strategy or not having one at all
  6. Missing the opportunity to fill retreats and increase your bottom line by having a client “program” first.  Or vise versa: not using retreats to promote and fill your client program.
  7. Not visiting the retreat site and carefully reading the venue’s contract before booking
  8. Not getting enough –– or the right kind of –– insurance for your retreat and not requiring people to sign a legally binding Release of Liability
  9. Not managing participants’ expectations and clearly communicating what’s included, what’s not, and all the info they need BEFORE they book and arrive
  10. Not delegating enough of the planning and admin work before and especially during the retreat. Don’t do it all yourself.

BONUS! Want help planning your retreat finances?

Download my free Retreat Financials Worksheet.

– Understand what to charge for your retreat
– Earn your desired profits
– Simplify and keep all your retreat financial data in one place
– Use the template again and again to plan profitable retreats
– Celebrate! Retreat planning just got easier!